Sunday, July 14

That’s why I was baffled when, about 30 years ago, my mom reached into the closet of her studio apartment, took down a shoebox stuffed with hundreds of photo negatives and handed it to me. Everybody keeps photo albums. But negatives? “Your dad took these,” she explained.

Interim Managing Editor Marci Merola talks with Edvige Giunta about the Triangle fire and Giunta’s forthcoming book. 

Updates from the Pummarola Editorial Collective.

It was the first time they had ever eaten in a restaurant alone together. 


These are places of great suffering, where innocent people are often unjustly criminalized, lose contact with their families and are sometimes violently killed …


[Silent Sam is] a threat in support of white supremacy … Statues have multiple meanings and as much as we like to think about the meanings changing over time, their constituencies stay.

Bella Figura

This brings us really to the crux of the matter: who is able to assimilate into the greater fabric of the U.S. and who is rejected. I believe that race plays the biggest factor. In the United States, white culture is a monolith. 

These ancient ways are our treasures. They are our inheritance. They vibrate with primordial truth …

My grandmother was the originator of all of this cooking who … taught Aunt Bea all of her cooking ways.

A sample of the art of 2021 NOLA Photo Guild Photographer of the Year Lisa Vinnacia.

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