Thursday, May 30

American Made

Congratulations to Chicago native Lisa Vinaccia for being named NOLA Photo Guild Photographer of the Year for her New Orleans imagery. Lisa has made a creative practice of documenting her journeys back and forth between Chicago and New Orleans, often pausing in Clarksdale, Mississippi as a stop along the way and recording that small city as well. Here is a tiny sample of her work in these three iconic American places. To see more of Lisa’s photos, follow her on Instagram at Dayzifyadonola, Clarksdalelove and Chicagolandfotos. The Guild’s Instagram page is nolaphotoguild

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  • Susan Malone

    Lisa Vinaccia is truly a phenomenal photographer. I love viewing the beautiful pictures through her eyes. She definitely seems to capture the essence of the moment. Also, I love the three areas that she has selected for her art. All three are so different, yet so very interesting in their own right. Definitely the best choice for ‘photographer of the year’. I simply cannot wait for what she has planned for us in these upcoming times!

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