Thursday, May 30

the first thing that I had seen was footage of a female officer who was blonde, fairly small, between 5′-5’4″. And one of the male rioters had pushed her and thrown her so hard that you can see her hit her head against stairs and then sort of pass out.”

My mother, my brothers, and I climbed up to the second floor landing, pausing out of breath as we spotted the old photographs of the Lauterella family.

Reflections on the issue from the Editorial Collective


But when my father came home from his half day of work … he’d fork out a couple of pieces, one or two meatballs. When my mother asked him what he was doing, he said, “I can’t even eat in my own house?”


I am calling on Americans of Italian descent for understanding of our history on the land called Turtle Island by the Haudenosaunee peoples. … History does not begin nor end with the written word.


It’s October, and for many that means fall colors, decorative gourds and talk of Christopher Columbus in the air … How do you talk to old-school family members about the dethroning of an Italian American idol?

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This assemblage of Italians of the diaspora explores memory, food, loss, longing, and many more of our universal themes. As is befitting our launch day, poet Jack Manno explores the complex relationship our culture has with Christopher Columbus.  Also timely is the proper dressing down of a certain Italian American governor found here. For a meditation on more physical matters, try a dip in the lake. Please use the menu, look around, and let us know what you think. We are happy you’re here.