Sunday, July 14

Special Issue: Telling Stories

He made crazy faces and, dangling fifty feet in the air with one hand holding on the grating, he sprayed WC (Wild Child) on the Scalamandre bricks with the other. Then there was NESS, who hung upside down in impossible positions, tagging building walls, and subway platforms … They were miracle acts. We looked up, as if to the heavens, to see their art. READ MORE

Blended Italian, with Cuban Flair

[H]ere in Ybor, Sicilians made their presence and preferences known … a few slices of Genoa salami with black peppercorns were added to make a Cuban sandwich that you will find only in Tampa Bay! READ MORE


We first see him shirtless, effortlessly lifting a dead tree. He stares into the camera while breaking down a wardrobe with his bare hands. He takes a selfie, full center, his muscles bulging under a too tight button-up. READ MORE

The Minestra Series

Now with the oven, you had to build the fire. We’d go out in the woods to collect the wood to start the fire … First you put two large logs down, then you put two other big ones across, this way and that way across, like tick-tack-toe. READ MORE


The cover of My Brilliant Friend surprised me. Where were the beheaded women of the previous novels? Or the women laid bare before themselves and before the reader’s eyes? And if not another beheaded woman, where was that disquieting imagination that already oozed from the book cover? READ MORE

A Q-and-A with a scholar of the dialects of Southern Italy.

Artist & poet Annie Lanzillotto discusses ways that art inspires & heals.

Using the comic book format to spotlight an environmental crisis in the South.