Thursday, January 27

Month: September 2020

The indomitable “Bella Ciao”

The indomitable “Bella Ciao”

THE SONG FROM THE FIELDS THAT BECAME ANANTHEM FOR LIBERATION ACROSS A CENTURY Workers, known as mondine, in the rice paddies of Northern Italy in the 1950s (photographer unknown) “Bella Ciao” is the kind of song that can be in the soundtrack of a child’s life and they are never even aware of it, yet years later, when they hear it, it has the familiarity of a family recipe or a parent's voice. The old Italian folk song, which had its origins in the brutal work conditions of the mondine (pictured right) transformed into a song of resistance as Italians fought off the Fascist Party. It later spread worldwide and has become representative of struggles everywhere. It even found a new life during the worldwide coronavirus pandemic as a ballad of solida...