Saturday, June 15

There are thousands of churches existing in all parts of the world. In these churches are many kindhearted people who can be a part of the campaign to change the effects of domination and undo the belief in white superiority. I encourage all churches to take responsibility to help those who carry hate and misunderstanding to heal and let go of their dangerous attitudes and beliefs. After all, isn’t it a purpose of the church to help people become better human beings?

A Vintage Mystery

Tocai wine, contested by Hungary, with possible origins in France, has an origin story as complex as Italy itself. 


The cover of My Brilliant Friend surprised me. Where were the beheaded women of the previous novels? Or the women laid bare before themselves and before the reader’s eyes? And if not another beheaded woman, where was that disquieting imagination that already oozed from the book cover? READ MORE

Two from Tamburri

Scholar Spotlight

We are thrilled to share with you an excerpt from Anthony Tamburri’s compelling new book, A Politics of [Self-]Omission. MORE

Rejecting a politics of the right

A Q-and-A with a scholar of the dialects of Southern Italy.

Using the comic book format to spotlight an environmental crisis in the South.