The Black American Journalism Project

Pummarola Magazine and Actify Press are pleased to announce the Black American Journalism Project, a collaboration designed to support the efforts of Black American descendants of enslaved citizens to write about Reparations and other pressing issues in the Black community. Through joint access to our platforms, technical support from our in-house editorial teams, and fundraising efforts, the collaboration seeks to provide a home for talented journalists who have been shut out of mainstream media because of their commitment to telling the truth about living in the United States as a Black citizen.

Black Americans are central to telling the story of America. The nation was built on the backs of enslaved peoples from the continent of Africa. These many tribes & ethnicities came together through the crucible of brutal bondage to create an entirely new unique people group and culture. It cannot be understated how  generational trauma and triumph shaped a people, a nation, and the world.

Actify Press has a long history of telling the story of Black America. Pummarola Magazine is a project of the Italian American Heritage Society of Chicago, founded by Reparationist Gabriel Piemonte. While Actify will provide a platform to reach the audience of people most affected by the issues that will be covered by these writers, Pummarola broadens the readership to a progressive white readership. The partnership also amplifies the available resources to journalists, including access to editorial support and potential funding opportunities. 

The story of race in America is being told in new ways by many individuals and institutions. Especially, the story of the discrete economic inequality and reparations. The descendants of U.S. slaves are central to this very American narrative. Because of social, economic, and educational inequities built into American society, these critical voices are being left out. 

Beginning today, we are accepting applications to the Black American Journalism Project via our email address, or by using the form below. An email explaining your interest is requested. Clips of previous writing is preferred. 

The stories of Black America must be told by the people who experience life as a Black American, and those stories deserve support. This is not a dress rehearsal, and Black American life is not plug & play.

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