January 24, 2022


The Salernitan Rule of Health is a medieval didactic poem in hexameter verse, believed to have been written in the 12th or 13th century. This poem concerns domestic medical practice such as daily hygienic procedures and diet. More


Return of Stolen Artifacts: In Challenge to Britain, Italy Lends Parthenon Marbles Fragment to Greece with the Aim of ‘Indefinite Return’. More


Scientists hope to unravel mystery of Sicily’s child mummies Remains of some of the 163 children at Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo to be examined using X-ray. More


Fanpage: the Italian website that went from gossip to award-winning scoops. What started as a Facebook page is now an investigative news operation with millions of readers a day. More


An Interview with Fred Gardaphé: “Italianità for me is taking what is good and healthy from Italian culture and applying it to my life.” More


Solidarity with migrants at the confines of Italy. Locals at a bar weigh-in about migrants seeking refuge at Italy’s northern border. More


Mortadella, one of the queens of deli meats. Bon Appetit gives us a brief history and overview. More


Who is Elena Ferrante? There are some clues, but we may never know. More


In Praise of the Dancing Body by Silvia Federici. “The history of the body is the history of human beings, for there is no cultural practice that is not first applied to the body.” More


Milan confirms ambitious new cycling network linking 80% of the city to bike paths The Cambio project features 750 kilometres of bike paths and is due to completed by 2035. More



Land Back: a Yellowhead Institute Red Paper. This paper is about how Canada dispossesses Indigenous peoples from the land, and, in turn, what communities are doing to get it back. More


By Her Hand: Artemisia Gentileschi and Women Artists of Italy, 1500–1800. Detroit art exhibit shows how women artists played a vibrant and often untold role in Italy from the 1600s on. More


Swastika-covered coffin and Nazi salutes at church funeral in Rome. Catholic and Jewish leaders condemn use of Nazi flag at funeral outside a church in Rome. More


Deb Soule – an herbalist and educator of Italian decent, describes starting a healing herb garden and shares about seven easy to grow herbs for people who wish to start a medicinal herb garden or who wish to expand their herb garden. More