February 16, 2022


Liberation Genealogy: Embracing Rootedness and Radical Genealogy by Aurora Levins Morales. “For people committed to liberation to claim descent from the perpetrators is a renewal of faith in human beings.” More


Italy’s constitution now protects the environment: the state must safeguard the environment, biodiversity and the ecosystem “also in the interest of future generations”. But activists say more must be done. More


Meet the Indigenous Activist Who Toppled Minnesota’s Christopher Columbus Statue For Forcia, toppling the Columbus statue wasn’t about the distant past—it was about the way that those changes in Indigenous people’s names and religion continue to reverberate today.” More


Love Is Blind: Interview with Tony Cancelosi, the chief executive officer of Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind in Washington, D.C. More


An African immigrant’s pizza wins global raves — and overcomes Italian prejudices. Ibrahim Songne’s IBRIS is one of the top 50 pizza places in the world. More


Covid’s New Divide in Italy: Risk Takers vs the Risk Averse. In Italy, with its high vaccination rate, the social schism revolves less around who’s gotten a shot, and more around lifestyles and comfort levels of living with the virus. More


Bruce’s Beach to be returned to Black family 100 years after city ‘used the law to steal it’. More


Staging Injustice: Italian Art 1880-1917, Jan 25-Jun 18, 2022. The NYC-based Center for Italian Modern Art (CIMA) presents an exhibition of artworks from Italian museums and private collections that incorporate iconography related to migration, labor, protest and social injustice of the period. More


White Anti-Racists have Ancestors: how their stories can help strengthen white anti-racist organizing today. More