About Pummarolə

Pummarolə is an English language, all volunteer, digital magazine, focusing on Italian culture, politics, and history in the diaspora. We’re committed to keeping an Italian identity alive in our communities by engaging with contemporary events, researching our histories and heritage, and sharing art. But while we are a nonpartisan publication, we do believe in a few principles:


What makes us Italian? Our DNA? Remembering some of nonna’s old recipes?  Being able to hold high-brow conversations about opera and wine? For many years italianità—the notion of italianness taught in Italian studies programs and celebrated by our civic organizations—has been defined by the high artistic and intellectual achievements of Italy’s most prominent artists and thinkers. At Pummarolə we believe that italianità is dynamic and pluralistic


We are Italoamericani, in the broadest, hemispheric sense of the word. We live in New York City, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Toronto, and many other places, too. To appreciate the full spectrum of Italian American experiences requires an internationalist perspective. 


It is our hope as a magazine that by drawing connections between the issues we have faced as a community—such as migration, racism, war, and poverty—and the issues others are facing, we can learn from one another, support one another, and be better for it. 

Defend the land!

Our Italian ancestors, whether urbanites or rural farmers, whether through food or work, had an intimate relationship with the land. Today, climate change, pollution, and eco-mafias are threatening the foods we eat, the oceans we swim in, and the lands we depend on. We support efforts to defend the environment and defend traditional ways of living off the land. We also recognize that while life in the Americas allowed our ancestors to own land and live more comfortably than they could in Italy, this land was available to us by theft. The settler colonial societies our ancestors immigrated to stole this land; for this reason, we also support self-determination and liberation for all Indigenous peoples. 


Italian Americans are a dehistoricized people. We’ve been cut off from our roots and we’ve forgotten so much of our heritage (linguistic, cultural, etc.). We’re here to rediscover our lost histories and heritages with you!